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RMCAANA Executive Council Minutes January 2018

DATE: January 10, 2018 – 9 pm (EST)
Attendees: Drs. Mubashir Mahmood, Zahid Rafiq, Samina Qureshi, Kashif Aslam, Naveed Butt, and Asad Tamizuddin (RMU liaison from Pakistan)
1. RMCAANA introductions

All attendees introduced themselves and gave their role in RMCAANA and professional backgrounds. Dr. Mubashir summarized purpose/aims of RMCAANA to Dr. Asad.

2. Membership drive

Reminder for all to check RMCAANA membership status and renew. In 2018 we will focus on increasing numbers. Councilors asked to reach out in their respective areas and encourage membership.
Need to go in more detail- (next meeting) and use social media to encourage.

3. Observorship/Clinical rotations

Discussion on current RMCAANA networking help provided. More elaboration next meeting.
RMACAANA house, APPNA house discussed to update Dr. Asad (RMU Liaison)


Charity wing of RMCAANA: many projects enumerated (Burn Center , Dialysis Unit, etc.) and Maternal Health LHV project by Dr. Sarah Makhdoom summarized
5. Scholarship fund at RMU

In depth discussion on methods to fine tune scholarship criteria-panel will discuss further and relay to Dr. Asad. Need to develop methodology to check on recipient academic progress as criteria.

6. RMCAANA awareness

Methods to get the word out to students about RMCAANA services such as observorship, rotations, residency fund and networking forum such as RMU journal, link of RMCAANA on RMU website, corner in RMU Student journal. Action Item: Samina will follow up with Asad to initiate. Work needed to raise awareness of RMCANNA role and contributions to students in RMU.

7. Lectures/GME curriculum
Awareness will be increased to US faculty/specialists to participate in RMU/RMCAANA ongoing lecture series (initiated by Sohail Aman)

Discussion on request by RMU VC Prof Dr. Umar to compile GME curriculum.
As attendance was low, next meeting will focus more on format and requirements. Sohail Aman may be able to elaborate.
Pulmonary/critical care syllabus and awaiting next steps on who to forward material.

Next meeting in few weeks to allow members to return from Winter holiday/Pakistan.
Thereafter monthly meeting first Wednesday of month at 9 pm EST. More frequent ad hoc meetings may be called prior to Annual summer meeting in Dallas, Texas.
Thank you all for attending.

Dr. Samina Qureshi: General Secretary RMCAANA

RMCAANA Executive Council Minutes December 1, 2016

RMCAANA Executive council 2016 last meeting was held on December 1 , 2016 at 9 pm eastern via Conference call.
Attendees Present:
Shahid Randhawa - President Elect
Sohail Minhas - Past President
Mubashir Mahmood - General Secretary
Zahid Rafiq -Treasurer
Samina Qureshi - Councilor – East-
Attendees on leave :
Neeraj Mahboob - President
Sarah Makhdoom -Councilor –Canada
Faisal Masud - Councilor -South
Tamsila Awan. -Councilor -Midwest
Executive council meeting headed by President elect Dr Shahid Randhawa and moderated by the General Secretary Dr Mubashir Mahmood reviewed pre meeting agenda and the Executive Council discussed the following matters.
1. Dr Neeraj Mahboob updated the General Secretary prior to the meeting that he was in receipt of RMCAANA Scholarship Scheme Endowment fund profit of $ 3500.00 for the year 2016 which is being processed by the treasurer to be send to RMC Scholarship review committee headed by the Principal Professor Dr Muhammad Umar .
2. Executive council feels very proud of its achievement of previously setting up the Endowment fund in the year 2015 while raising funds worth of $ 120,000.00 which would be providing funds around $3500.00 per year for the deserving medical students in RMC , indefinitely in the years to come.
3. It was emphasized that whole process should be transparent in accordance with APPNA bylaws and at the end of every year RMCAANA to receive full expense report from the RMC administration regarding the utilization of scholarship funds and pass it on to APPNA.
4. The executive council also reviewed its other accomplishments including conducting successful RMCAANA annual function in August 2016 at Gaylord resort and convention center Washington DC, all tickets were sold and the program was attended highly with special entry of legendary figure Mr Anwar Maqsood and remained under budget. Dr Aamer Nawaz deserves special thanks from RMCAANA with the arrangement of keynote speaker.
5. The executive council also reviewed its another achievement of finally drafting and approving new bylaws and constitution that addressed all the previous concerns and accommodates all RMC graduates with additional 2 more councilors in executive council and giving more space and representation of Canadian members that was unanimously approved by the General body in August 2016.
We sincerely appreciate the time and effort invested by the drafting team headed by Dr Nasir Gondal along with Drs Shahid Rafiq and Nadeem Afraz as well as Dr Imtiaz Ahmad who had initially worked on writing bylaws back in 2015.
6. RMCAANA also extends its appreciation to Dr and Mrs . Shahab Malik for keeping the tradition alive and hosting RMCAANA members during the annual meeting at Washington DC at their home serving with delicious and lavish food as well as to Dr Shahid Rafiq for organizing the event .
7. RMCAANA deeply regards surprise visit of Professor Dr and Madam Rizwana Chaudhri. We regret that Professor Shugufta Sial and Mr Ghazanfar Sial couldn't make to the meeting. RMCAANA is always looking forward to see our heroes from RMC energizing our meetings.
8. RMCAANA has great regards for our RMC administration and Principal Professor Dr Muhammad Umar who always welcomes our members in his office and more than willing to accommodate RMCAANA projects and concerns back home.
9.Charitable activities of Rawalpindi Medical College Overseas Foundation and strategic plans for the year 2017 were discussed . A meeting is expected to be scheduled in the last 2 weeks of February 2017 in Tampa Florida for which all members are invited to attend and give feedback. Dr Babar Rao will announce the meeting date. Interested members are advised to contact RMCAANA.
10. Component Society recertification need to be filed by the new Executive council and Profit and loss summary for 2016 to be submitted to APPNA after the end of the year .

11. Visiting RMC students and new graduates are finding more difficulties in seeking residency and getting interviews despite good scores.There is definite need for a proper Road Map . RMCAANA encourages new and young members to serve Mentorship/ Residency committee and enlighten with their input & experience and work with all RMCAANA members to volunteer and accommodate Observership/ Rotation requests .

The committee is to lay out a plan to walk through the process that would include procedure of medical student applying for clerkship, fulfilling the requirements , obtaining the necessary malpractice insurance if necessary, and compiling list of friendly hospitals and institutions willing to take international students .

12.Executive council discussed the ongoing need for the generation of funds. The council highly regards for the contributions made by our dedicated members to uphold the annual meeting. RMCAANA expenses are breaking even.

13.RMCAANA has received communications from new APPNA President Elect 2017 and President Elect 2016 regarding their interest in taking more members from RMCAANA in APPNA committees. RMCAANA members are encouraged to visit http://appna.org/#. and. http://www.rmcdocs.com/committee/index.htm
to see which committees would interest them.

14.Sarah Makhdoom and Zahid Rafiq who are also Canadian representatives of RMCAANA have taken consistent initiatives in keeping Canadian members involved and their efforts were appreciated. RMCAANA recommends that such activities should be carried out by all members in their region.

15.The council discussed and reminded that according to the new bylaws executive council of 2017 will consist of 4 councilors from USA and 2 from Canada.

16. Election commission has already announced to submit nominations for the office of RMCAANA. RMCAANA encourages everyone to participate. Younger members are also encouraged to come forward.

The executive council feels that they have tried their best to run the business and keeping expenses under budget. There is always room to grow and with more participation as a group.

We were blessed with some of the achievements as mentioned but that's not the end . We are facing more challenges with the new graduates seeking residency and the problem is not limited to our alumnus alone. We hope and pray that the newly elected Executive council will take RMCAANA to the next level.

We are very thankful to our seniors and other dedicated members especially who have stayed connected always and whenever needed they have supported the cause with contributions and always there for advising , kept the alumnus alive and remained one to be counted upon.

Words of appreciation for our website runner and bank manager Dr Nadeem Iqbal who has been doing this job beautifully for long time.

Special thanks to the leaving Past President Dr Sohail Minhas who has finally specialized working in the toughest of tough environments and stayed with the team till the last meeting. His past experience was very helpful for the council to function . It was highly recommended for the newly coming executive council to consider him in the board of trustees for ongoing supervision.

Both Drs. Sohail Minhas and Nadeem Iqbal were recipients of 2016 RMCAANA Awards for Outstanding Philanthropic Work.

We are also thankful to our general body who were helpful in different ways , tolerated our deficiencies but remained support for us.

We end here and wish you a Happy New Year.
God bless America and our pride RMC, RMCAANA and Pakistan.

Meeting was adjourned at 9.55 PM

Mubashir Mahmood MD,
General Secretary RMCAANA 2016
On behalf of RMCAANA

We had a very successful RMCAANA alumni gathering during the annual APPNA meeting at Washington DC in August 2016. Video from the event is below.

RMCAANA Highlights

RMCAANA President, Dr Neeraj Mehboob letter Feb. 2016
RMCAANA is a non-political, non-partisan and religiously pluralist organization of professionals who have always practiced their trade to the best of their abilities and have achieved professional excellence in all their undertakings.

Being highly educated, well-traveled and operating in multi-cultural environments, the members of RMCAANA are expected to uphold the cornerstone standard/s of religious, political, sectarian and nationalistic tolerance, at all times.

Granted, we ought to be proud of our own culture, religion and Pakistan but at the same time we should not let our cultural, religious and nationalistic stereotypes unfairly bias our view/s and attitude/s towards other people who do not share our common background and heritage. Our misdirected individual or collective predispositions and prejudices have the ability to negatively affect our personal and professional life’s experiences.

All our members are based outside Pakistan and, therefore, are encouraged to opt for the ‘inclusiveness approach’ while dealing and interacting with all the communities. This would not only help us better assimilate in the society but would also help us become responsible citizens.

It is hoped that all RMCAANA members will spare a moment for this simple thought and let it’s profound meaning sink in. Together, we hope to make a visible difference and positive impact in North America vis a vis our physical presence and professional work here.

Thank you,

Neeraj Mahboob, MD
President RMCAANA

RMCAANA Executive council 2016 1st meeting was held on Jan 7 2016 at 9 pm eastern via Conference call.
Attendees Present:
Neeraj Mahboob - President
Shahid Randhawa - President Elect
Sohail Minhas - Past President
Mubashir Mahmood - General Secretary
Zahid Rafiq -Treasurer
Faisal Masud - Councilor -South
Tamsila Awan. -Councilor -Midwest
Sarah Makhdoom -Councilor –Canada
Attendees absent :Samina Qureshi - Councilor – East- ( Visiting Pakistan )

Executive council headed by the President Dr Neeraj Mahboob and moderated by the General Secretary Dr Mubashir Mahmood reviewed pre meeting agenda and discussed following matters;Executive council will work closely with RMCAANA Board of trustees, RMCOF a charitable wing of RMCAANA and RMC administration to help projects of expanding Dialysis unit, upgrading RMC library and upgrading RMC Hematology lab equipment.
3 members of Executive council Drs Neeraj Mahboob, Mubashir Mahmood and Samina Qureshi along with senior members of RMCAANA Drs Babar Rao, Amer Akmal and Shahid Rafiq visited Pakistan and attended several RMC meetings in Dec 2015 and met with Administration and faculty and toured Dialysis and Burn center and reviewed the progress and developments.Currently there are 10 Dialysis beds donated by RMCOF and are working 24/7 benefitting 40 patients a day with increased demands to add 12 more beds, it was recommended to start planning to add 2 dialysis machines at one time and will review cost analysis. Punjab Govt. has taken over the maintenance.Burn center which was started with 4 beds by RMCOF , increased to 8 beds and taken over by the Punjab govt., Plastic surgeon is being added with 20 crore rupees budget funded by Punjab Govt.

RMC library need upgrade to add more computers and digital books as narrated by the Principal Professor Dr. Muhammad Umar.

During Pakistan tour in Dec 2015, RMCAANA members participated aggressively in CME activities and student mentorship. Realizing increased demands for Student clerkships, RMCAANA EC will work to arrange and start programs to enroll more RMC students to be able to take electives in US.

RMCAANA EC 2015 was able to fund $120,000.00 towards endowment fund for Scholarship. 3% return is expected to start coming this year and Scholarship committee was set up at RMC to evaluate and enroll needy students.

Strategic plans for RMCOF and RMCAANA for the year 2016 will be reviewed and discussed more in Florida meeting on January 30, 2016.

RMCAANA EC was updated about RMC Dubai meeting in March 25-28, 2016 regarding attendance from US. About 7 members have committed to attend the meeting .

Membership drive and engaging RMCAANA members was discussed, and all members to receive new updated list of members/ nonmembers’ .All members are expected to make at least 2 phone calls per week to motivate inactive members and bring them in the loop.

APPNA spring meeting May 5-8, 2016 at Miami Florida, RMCAANA meeting will be hosted by Dr Shahid Randhawa and increased attendance was emphasized.

APPNA Component Society Annual Re-Certification process for RMCAANA will be completed. Treasurer has provided the finance report needed to complete the form.

Increasing cohesiveness among RMCAANA members, networking and reaching out , energizing the power point and bringing everyone on one single page is the necessity of RMCAANA to accomplish its goals.

It was emphasized that all communications means should be utilized such as Emails, Face book, what’s app, RMC discussion forum on RMCdocs.com website

It was discussed to continue lifetime membership fee at $250.oo, annual membership fee at $50.00, and encourage voluntary recurring donation of $9.99/month by each member and to set it up on RMCdocs.com website to be applied towards RMCAANA funds.

1st step will be taken by the Canadian members to host local chapter meeting in Calgary soon in Feb 2016. It is expected and recommended that all members living in different parts and regions of US should reach out and hold mutual meetings to help raise the cause of RMCAANA.

Additional Councilor/ Executive Director: Nadeem Iqbal, MD was approved by the executive order of the President. Dr Nadeem Iqbal contributions regarding keeping Bank account and running RMCdocs.com website over the years since it was started was appreciated. He will continue these responsibilities and Dr Zahid Rafiq name will be added into the Bank account.

Executive Council will start planning for holding a successful RMCAANA annual meeting on August 5, 2016 at Washington DC, measures regarding increasing attendance and looking into the possibility of RMC faculty visiting and Life time achievement award etc. was discussed.

Treasurer 2016 Dr Zahid Rafiq and Treasurer 2015 Dr Shahid Randhawa updated regarding current Bank account balance and expense summary was reviewed as below:
Starting balance for 1.1.2015 = $ 12,275.27.
Total deposits for 2015: 6107.50 + 5236.15 = $ 11,343.65
So deposits + starting balance for 2015 = $23, 618.92
Total expenses for 2015: 10,000 + 100 + 131.88 + 500 + 9000 = $ 19,731.88
Current balance on Jan 7, 2016 : = $3,887.00

RMCAANA Executive Council aimed for the final completion of RMCAANA constitution and Bylaws and then to get approval at RMCAANA annual meeting during APPNA summer meeting August 3-7, 2016 at Washington DC
RMCAANA Executive Council reviewed and reassigned subcommittees of RMCAANA and board of trustees as follow :

Committee Chair : Nasir Gondal , MD
Members: Shahid Rafiq, MD
Nadeem Afraz, MD

Committee Chair: Mohammed Aamer Nawaz, MD
Members: Amer Akmal, MD
Sophia Najam , MD

Committee Chair: Nadeem Afraz, MD
Members: Amer Akmal, MD
Babar Rao, MD

Committee Chair: Faisal Masud, MD
Members: Babar Rao, MD
Shahid Rafiq, MD

Committee Chair: Mohammed Aamer Nawaz, MD
Members: Intesar Jaffari, MD

Committee Chair: Samina Qureshi, MD
Members: Tamsila Awan, MD
Sarah Makhdoom

Committee Chair : Avais Masud MD
Members: Nasir Gondal , MD
Shahid Randhawa, MD

Work in progress through constitution and Bylaws update

Executive Director: Nadeem Iqbal, MD (4 year term)

Chairman Board of Trustee: Nadeem Afraz, MD

Meeting adjourned at 9.55 PM Eastern.
Minutes written and prepared by;
Mubashir Mahmood, MD.
RMCAANA General Secretary 2016

Rawalpindi Medical College Alumni Association of North America (RMCAANA) elections for 2016 Executive Council were held recently. Following candidates were elected unopposed.  
President elect: Shahid Randhawa
Secretary: Mubashir Mahmood
Treasurer: Zahid Rafiq
East: Samina Qureshi
Midwest: Tamsila Awan
South: Faisal Masud
Canada: Sarah Makhdoodm
 Congratulations to the new 2016 Executive Council.
RMCAANA Election Commission

Sohail Minhas, MD President RMCAANA letter

This has been a very exciting time for our alumni association. We have opened a whole new chapter in the history of RMCAANA.We have had our first ever election for all offices of the organization in 2014. It has brought a new focus and meaning to the organization. Our newly elected panel started working with full enthusiasm and vigor from day one.

We have already accomplished many important objectives.We have made several new committees including the membership, mentorship,publications,election and many other committees.The idea was not only to start new initiatives but also to raise awareness of the the alumni association and increase the involvement of our members.We have already increased our membership through a vigorous membership drive and most of our members are now lifetime members.We had cut down our membership dues so to engage both the senior alumni and inspire interest and passion for junior alumni who are in the early stages of there career. We have tried to help with placement of the new graduates of Rawalpindi Medical College who were looking for clinical attachments in the United States. We are in the process of extending financial help to the students in need of Rawalpindi Medical College by actively participating in the Scholarship fund. We collected around 60,000 dollars for the matching scholarship fund and will name in the honor of our dedicated teacher and mentor as Professor Mohammed Nasimullah Scholarship fund.Our constitution committee has worked diligently on drafting a new constitution.We have participated in most if not all APPNA meeting events and phone conferences though out the year,and have tried to be a productive partner of our parent organization. Recently, we were one of the first organizations to donate 5000$ for the Karachi Heat wave fund through our sister organization RMCOF which is our charity wing.

We have not only tried to reach out to our alumni in the U.S.and Canada,but also have reached out to our accomplished alumni across the globe.We have invited them to attend our summer meeting and will be honoring the ones who do join us and have done any notable work in their careers.

We will continue to maintain and grow our organization.We will continue to look for new initiatives,new members and new commitment.We will continue to look for ways to engage and leverage the talent of our alumni through new programs and activities.

With the strength of our members,we will continue the pursuit to build and foster a community which will benefit not only the existing alumni,but the future graduates of our college.

We have made great strides, but will continue to work hard for future growth and strength of our alumni.

Sohail Minhas M.D.
President RMCAANA


RMCAANA Fashion Show


RMCAANA 2015 Elections Result

RMCAANA members eligible to vote: 61
Total members who voted: 58
Votes rejected due to improper markings: 5

Neeraj Mahboob.......................44 votes
Muhammad Amir Shahzad........9 votes

Imtiaz Ahmed..........................44 votes
Samina Qureshi.......................9 votes

Shahid Randhawa..................43 votes
Maryam Saeed......................9 votes

Umar Farooq...........................43 votes
Shahida Rehmani....................10 votes

Congratulations to the new 2015 RMCAANA Executive Council

PRESIDENT-ELECT: ......................................Dr Neeraj Mahboob

SECRETARY: ................................................Dr Imtiaz Ahmed

TREASURER: ................................................Dr Shahid Randhawa

EASTERN STATES COUNCILOR: ..................Dr Umar Farooq



CANADA COUNCILOR: ..................................Dr Zahid Rafiq

Message from RMCAANA President 2014

It is a distinct pleasure and honor to serve as President of RMCAANA 2014. My main mission for RMCAANA this year is ‘linking’. What does this mean? When the executive council started working together in 2014 to map out a game plan for RMCAANA and to refine our mission and goals we felt that the one of the most important aspects of belonging to an alumni was the network of its members. RMCAANA should be an avenue which promotes strong links and bonds between its members and their families to promote friendship, and collaborations to augment clinical and research interests and advancement. The best way to lengthen and strengthen the links of RMCAANA chain is to socialize and network at RMCAANA events and to actively participate in projects. We have strived to make the Alumni dinner on August 15th an evening of togetherness and fun for all. One of the most critical element in an Alumni association is the direct link between senior and junior Alumni for mentorship. This year I have focused on communications with recent RMC graduates to make them aware that we take pride in mentoring and guiding them. As a program director of a clinical and research fellowship in a university hospital in US I have opened avenues for Pakistani medical graduates to have a state of the art educational experience designed to advance them in their chosen medical field This year we have introduced a “RMCAANA MENTORING WORKSHOP” to be hosted by RMCAANA on August 16th for medical graduates of Pakistan. Our invited keynote speaker for the 2014 Alumni dinner is Professor Atifa Shuaib, a graduate of RMC batch 1985. She has been the symbol of a very strong RMC link. She has actively kept up with friendships formed during her student years and built everlasting relationships with RMC students spanning a 25 plus year teaching career at RMC. She has enjoyed immense popularity as a role model teacher for her students who are now spread all over the world and are in constant communication with her for mentorship and advice. She brings together Rawalians at all levels and is a central and frequent presence in all Rawalian chats and social forms. We are very excited and honored to have her as our guest of honor at the RMCAANA dinner 2014.
RMCAANA is also a center stage which fosters new and ongoing fund raising Rawalian projects for patient welfare. I would encourage all members to actively participate in RMCAANA and to join the RMCAANA committees. The details are on RMCAANA website www.rmcdocs.com. So spread the word and bring in new members. You might just find the link you are looking for

Rummana Aslam, MD - President RMCAANA 2014

President RMCAANA letter August 2013

Dear Rawalians,RMCAANA might not be the largest alumni in North America among the medical colleges from Pakistan but it is probably the most closely knit group of graduates of any academic institution from Pakistan. That is the one factor which has enabled us to get tremendous support from our members for the charitable projects run through RMCOF (Rawalpindi Medical College Overseas Foundation) over the last ten years. All of us should be proud of ourselves for the great team effort we had put together to make the Rawalian Burn Center Project a great success. With the same spirit and team work, we were also able to rehabilitate a remote village close to Darya Khan, at the eastern bank of the mighty river Indus, which was totally destroyed by the devastating floods of 2010. With the help of some other charitable organizations like NUST and IDRF Canada, we not only built 200 houses and 4 mosques but also created two girls primary schools, the area's first, which will continue to educate young girls for many more years to come. With the same team spirit, we are launching our next project to help the poor patients in need of dialysis at Holy Family Hospital in Rawalpindi.  Following is a brief introduction to this project:

Our Next project: Upgrading the Dialysis Unit at Holy Family HospitalConsidering the acute need of medical care for poor patients and after an extensive discussion with the new principal of RMC, Dr Umar, RMCCANA executive council and past presidents have decided to use our resources to upgrade the existing dialysis unit at Holy Family Hospital (HFH).

Current situation:
 Dialysis unit at HFH once had 10 dialysis machines. After completing their life span, six of them have been discarded and remaining four are now practically nonfunctioning as well. Patients are being transferred to other facilities for acute dialysis. That is the situation at our RMC's main teaching hospital. Due to the lack of funding, this situation is not going to get better anytime soon. Patients with renal failure are dying for the lack of appropriate dialysis facilities.

Project Highlights: It would be a Rawalian project with a combined effort of RMCAANA/RMCOF and Rawalpindi Medical College.  This project will be overseen by Dr. Avais Masud (USA), Dr. Muhammad Umar (Pakistan), Dr. Babar Rao (RMCOF) and RMCAANA Executive Council.

Our Aim is to:1.     Restore the fully functioning 10 station hemodialysis unit at Holy Family Hospital2.      Upgrade and improve the dialysis facilities by staff training and equipment upgrade.3.      Ensure the sustainability of the fully functioning dialysis unit through feedback and regular maintenance and repair of the equipment as needed.4.     Reduce the incidence of conversion to hepatitis and HIV in dialysis patients through quality analysis and appropriate training.

What RMC will provide: 1.     Remodeling and construction of a new 10 station dialysis unit at the site of the existing dialysis unit.2.     Day to day running of the dialysis unit, including appointment of the nurses, technicians and physicians.

Timeline:1.     RMCAANA/RMCOF will be actively involved in this project till December 2014, by then we hope to achieve our main goal.2.     The most active phase of our project is in the next 5 months. We are planning to complete most of the work by December 2013 including installation of new machines and physical construction of the new unit. Blue prints of the unit have already been made by Dr. Umar.3.     Most of our efforts in 2014 will be spent on improving the patient care, education of the staff and setting the standard for quality care.4.     We are also aiming to start a program for peritoneal dialysis at Holy family Hospital for the patients on chronic dialysis. This is a very good modality that is cost effective and offers better quality of life which is virtually non-existent in Pakistan. The financial targets and goals will be distributed in the next email. We hope to make this another successful project in uplifting and improving patient care and health education in Pakistan. All Rawalians are encouraged to participate in any capacity they can.Thank you,

RMCAANA Executive Council

Click here to read the RMCAANA 2013 newsletter that was distributed among the APPNA conference participants at Orlando, FL. It is a pdf document and you will need Adobe reader to open this document. If you do not have Adobe Reader, click here for free download.

Following RMCAANA president's letter is an excerpt from the RMCAANA newsletter that was distributed to all APPNA members who attended the summer meeting at St Louis from June 2011. To read the whole newsletter as pdf file click here. You will need Adobe Reader to open this document. If you do not have Adobe Reader click here for a free download.

President RMCAANA, Dr Shahida Rehmani letter, June 2011
Dear Rawalians,

It has been an honor for me to work as president of RMCAANA for the year 2011. I have been very fortunate to work with a wonderful team which comprises the executive council.

RMCAANA has been involved and pivotal in supporting and successfully accomplishing many projects in the past and is actively supporting and
executing many ongoing projects as well. Some of these projects

1) RMCOF Burn Center in Rawalpindi : This center was started and operated by RMCAANA for
more than 3 years and has now been taken over by Punjab Government.

2) Rosalina Child development Center: This was established to fulfill the need for an
assessment center for developmental disorders in Rawalpindi, and to provide C & A mental health services. These funds supported the salaries of 2 psychologist in RCDC for more than 2 years .

3) Rawalian Flood Relief and Rehabilitation Project : RMCAANA in USA in collaboration with
Rawalians in Pakistan have been jointly working on this project. They have adopted a small village in Tehsil Darya Khan (District Bhakar) for its flood rehabilitation project. So far they have raised funds which have helped in the construction of 115 homes. In the second phase of this project a school and health center will be built.

4) RMCAANA has started a scholarship program for RMC students.

5) RMCME is a committee of RMCAANA that is dedicated to promoting and coordinating CME
activities in RMC. Further details of current programs are available at HYPERLINK "http:// www.rmcdocs.com/rmcme/index.htm" http://www.rmcdocs.com/rmcme/index.htm

The RMCAANA EC has worked very hard to put the Dinner program together. We have changed the format of the program a little bit, after much feedback from many members. Most of them jointly requested an informal get together in which we can all mingle and connect with one another. I hope that you will like the format.

Looking forward to seeing you in St Louis,
Shahida Rehmani
President RMCAANA 2011

Rawalian Flood Relief and Rehabilitation Project This a comprehensive and long term project aiming for the rehabilitation of rural communities badly effected by floods in Pakistan. It a continuation of the wonderful work done by the RMC Alumni in Pakistan and RMC students, who responded to the call in no time and did a great job even with their limited resources in helping the flood victims. Now the Rawalians, the RMC Alumni in Pakistan and Rawalpindi Medical College Alumni Association of North America (RMCAANA) and Rawalpindi Medical College Overseas Foundation, Inc. (RMCOF) have joined hands in launching this project to help the communities, who have lost their everything in flood, one village at a time.

To start, we have picked a small village, about 30-40 minutes from Charshaddah, KP for this project. It is about 2 hours drive from Rawalpindi. Idea is to involve the community in the project and we will provide all the help they needed. In the first phase, shelter or one room "house" will be built for each family, preferably before to the harsh winter sets in. In the second phase, school, health center and other infra-structure will be built. After the first village, and if we had the funds and resources, we will pick another village, probably nearby, with similar goal. Money and resources for the project We expect and urge every RMC graduate, where ever he/she is working or residing to support the project. That is including RMC graduates in Pakistan, USA, UK, Middle East or anywhere in the world. Estimated money needed for the 1st village of the project is about 100,000 UD$, out of which about $ 40,000 we have to raise to start the project in September 2010.How can you help? Details of the project will be explained on a web-site under construction for the project but here are two ways you cab help.
1- Adopt a family: Building a one room "house" will cost about $ 1500. By donating that money, you can adopt that family by helping them move to their "home". You will be given the identity, names and pictures of the family. If you liked , you could do more for the family you adopted by sending them the gifts or helping the kids in their education, or more.
2- Donate to the general funds of the project.

How to donate? If living in USA, you can donate online, though credit card or check to RMCOF's account. Your donation will be tax deductible in the USA as charitable contribution. Click to DONATE NOW . You can also mail your check or credit card information to the address given on that page. Make sure you download the "snail mail" donation form and enclose with your check or credit card information. Rawalians from outside USA can also donate using this site or mailing address. For contributors in Pakistan, you can send your money Rawalian account in Pakistan. More details about this account will be posted on this web site in few days.
Stay tuned! More details to follow in coming days. For more information Information will be posted here and also on a new web site being developed by Drs Babar Rao and Hina Naushad. You can also get in touch with Sophia Janjua ( RMCAANA President) at ercp101@yaoo.com or any of the RMCAANA Executive Council member or RMCOF Board of Directors member.

President RMCAANA Dr Sophia Janjua's letter Feb. 2010

Dear Rawalian,

 It has been more than a decade since the inception of Rawalpindi Medical College Alumni Association of North America (RMCAANA). During this decade, the Rawalians in North America have been active in humanitarian causes, both in the US, and in Pakistan. The graduates of Rawalpindi Medical College in North America are also dedicated in helping their alma mater, and to this end have been involved in various medical projects in Pakistan.
The Rawalian Burn Center, was an initiative undertaken by Rawalians all over the world, and is entering its fourth year. Located in the basement of Holy Family Hospital, Rawalpindi, the Rawalian Burn Centers serves the indigent population of Rawalpindi and neighboring towns. It has provided care to many victims of burn injuries, and has a state of art OR and Hydrotherapy Unit. It is sustained by the Rawalians and care is provided free of cost. Surgeons and anesthesiologists have the opportunity to work there when they travel to Pakistan. Please visit http://rmcof.rmcdocs.com  for more details on the Burn Center.
Last year, another healthcare initiative was undertaken by RMCAANA in collaboration with Dr. Fareed Minhas, Professor of Psychiatry, at Rawalpindi General Hospital. The Rawalian Child Development Center is aimed at creating, and increasing awareness for developmental, and pervasive disorders among children.  This particular project is spear headed by Dr. Shahida Rahmani, President-Elect RMCAANA. Besides providing educational material and videos, the Rawalians, have also funded two psychologists who work at the Rawalian Child Development Center to provide services, like speech or behavior therapy to the children. Dr. Waqar Azeem, a RMC graduate, in the US, has also gone to the Center and given lectures and conducted workshops at RGH with Prof. Fareed Minhas. Please visit RMCAANA website at www.rmcdocs.com for more details on the alumnus.
We are also in the process of starting a RMCAANA Scholarship Fund, that will fund the education of deserving medical students at RMC from the first to final year.
These are some of the endeavors that the Rawalians are involved in. There is a lot more that we can do, and to accomplish this, we would need your help, and participation. As the President of RMCAANA this year, I would like to ask you to join your alumnus organization, and be a part of it. We will be having our annual alumni dinner on July 1, 2010, in Dallas, at the Gaylord Convention Center.  Faryal Gauhar is going to be our Key Note Speaker. Our seniors have done an admirable job for the alumni, and it is now incumbent upon us to carry it forward, and to continue the efforts made by them. Please join me in supporting our alumnus, and our alma mater. Please visit APPNA web site to become a member of APPNA and RMCAANA, and also for the details of APPNA summer meeting. Click APPNA Membership Application to apply for membership on line or alternatively, you can complete the enclosed application form and mail it the APPNA office.   Looking forward to seeing you all in Dallas

Sophia Janjua
President RMCAANA 2010

Also submitted for publication in fall APPNA journal    

The annual summer meeting at San Francisco was a great success. I would like to share with you the highlights of RMCAANA activities at the annual alumni dinner program.   We raised over fifteen thousand dollars for the Child Development Center (CDC) located at Rawalpindi Medical College. We have hired two full time psychologists at CDC. Their job will be to act as liaison for RMCAANA physicians in the US and their counter parts in Pakistan to conduct web base video teleconferences, didactic sessions as well as participate in psychotherapy sessions.  
Rao K Baber (Chairman of RMCOF, a non for profit 501c3 organization) gave an excellent presentation on the burn center located at Rawalpindi. The yearly cost to run this project is $77,000.  Please review the breakdown of the services delivered at the burn center for the year 2007.  
# of patients Inpatient care                                              117 Outpatient                                                                   2,569         Major surgeries                                                                403 Hydrotherapies under anesthesia                                         444        Minor surgeries                                                              1,422       

Salam Al Marayati, the founder of MPAC Foundation, gave a thought provoking speech on civil rights. He urged everyone to participate in the civic duties at the local as well as central level. Our presence at Capital Hill is of paramount importance when the law makers are at work.   In the end, I thank all the RMCAANA members for enthusiastic participation and generous donations for the worthy cause.  

Tanveer Ahmad MD
President RMCAANA 2009.

APPNA Annual Meeting San Francisco, CA July 2-5, 2009

Thursday July 2, 2009:
For the first time in APPNA history a live web cast on Neurology was done for audience in Pakistan. Dr Nadeem Shabbir, Child Neurologist, a 1984 graduate of RMC gave a talk.
Friday July 3, 2009:
RMCOF board of directors met in the morning to discuss the situation arising from delay in handing over the Rawalian Burn center to the government of Punjab. Decision was made to continue funding the Burn center in Rawalpindi, Pakistan until government of Punjab takes over. The board very much appreciated the dynamic leadership of Dr Babar Rao. Click here to see the photos from this occasion

RMCAANA alumni dinner was held in the evening and was attended by about 60 RMC graduates and their family members. Sopia Janjua, MD President elect RMCAANA was the MC. Following introduction by the President, Dr Tanveer Ahmed the keynote speaker Salam Al Marayati gave a very thought provoking talk about Muslim identity in the USA.

Dr Shahid Rafiq announced the election result of RMCAANA executive Council 2011:

President elect, Shahida Rehmani, MD, Secretary, M. Qasim Hasan, MD and Treasurer Hina Naushad, MD

More than $15000 was raised for Rawalpindi Child Development center in Pakistan. Following the fundraising, Dr Nadeem Afraz and Dr Babar Rao made presentations about mental health initiative and Burn Center in Rawalpindi Medical College Pakistan. 
Alumni dinner was followed by a group photo, entertainment program and a Mushaira. Click here to see the photos from this occasion.

President RMCAANA, Dr Tanveer Ahmed's letter, 03/2009

Dear Rawalians Assalam o Alaikum,Unrelenting efforts by our past council members have placed RMCAANA in an admirable position. As a president of RMCAANA for the year 2009, I have the delightful opportunity to reinforce those efforts and promote further progress. Our goal for this year is to provide various avenues for members to be actively involved in our organization We hope to embark on activities that will provide leadership opportunities.
Recently we have launched a project to support the Child Development Center in Pakistan. During his last winter trip to Pakistan, Waqar Azeem met with officials from the Center to explore cost effective ways of promoting this noble cause. We need Rawalians to train house officers in child development disorders in the US as well as in Pakistan. Rawalians can also provide second opinion teleconferences or provision of educational material. If you are interested in this endeavor, you can contact me or one of the executive council members for more information.
Our members can also give back to the Rawalpindi Medical College staff and students by partaking in the RMCCME project. Physicians from North American can impart their knowledge and expertise to final year students or house staff. This project is linked to the APPNA MERIT program. Please visit our website www.rmcdocs.com and click the RMCME link for details. You can join it by sending your request to Dr. Shahid Rafiq at tabassem@yahoo.com, (210-382-3451) or visit the website before your upcoming visit to Pakistan so that we can arrange your CME activities as a speaker at RMC.
The Rawalian Burn Center at Holy Family Hospital has been serving the community for several years. It is now fully equipped and has a state of the art OR. This mammoth undertaking was lifted off the ground because of the generous contributions of Rawalians from all over the world.
Commitment to democratic process is of paramount importance .I encourage and request to be actively involved in this process. The last date for sending nominations for the slate of President-elect, secretary, treasurer 2010 for RMCAANA is April 15th.Please contact Shahid Rafiq at tabassem@yahoo.com.
Please take the time to visit RMCAANA’s website, where you can find a wealth of information. Members can receive updates on RMCAANA activities or participate in the discussion forums. For social link please visit rmcdocs@googlegroup.com.
Finally, I would like to personally invite you to the upcoming APPNA summer meeting being held in San Francisco, CA. on July 1st - 5th, 2009. With your enthusiastic participation, we can elevate this organization to new heights. If you have any questions, suggestions, or ideas feel free to contact me directly. We need the support of the RMCAANA community.
It is an honor to serve as a president of our vibrant and progressive alumni.

Tanveer Ahmad, MD
President RMCAANA.

Daily News from June 2008 APPNA Annual meeting at Washington DC

President RMCAANA, letter March 2008

Dear Rawalians, Assalam o AlamkumIt is with great pride as President RMCAANA 2008 that I wish to share update on our organization and personally invite you to join hands in our efforts to contribute to our Alma Mater. In past years there have been tremendous accomplishments in various fields which has put our Alumni in the forefront among APPNA institutions. Thank you to the untiring effort of past Executive Council members. We certainly want to keep the momentum going at this important stage.On the forefront is the Rawalian Burn Center at Holy Family Hospital, Rawalpindi with four specialized beds providing much needed complete burn care to local area patients. Construction is now underway for an independent, fully equipped OR. This has been possible only through generous contributions of Rawalians all over the world.The RMCME project is an initiative started in 2007 in an effort to collaborate CME/Research activities with RMC staff and students. We are eagerly awaiting the initiation of clinical rotations at state of the art US Hospitals for RMC students that provides them an opportunity to expand their clinical horizons. Rotating clinical physicians from North America and Rawalian Conferences are part and parcel of such efforts.After hosting its first ever winter APPNA meeting at RMC, we have set the bar higher and we certainly need your cooperation to take it a step further. Let’s begin by visiting RMCAANA web site, www.rmcdocs.com. This is our central hub for more than 450 Rawalians in North America. We also have Discussion Forums on this web site and links to two listservs, one for general communication and the other specifically for CME related activities.Finally I wish to take this opportunity to personally invite you to the upcoming APPNA summer meeting June 25-29, 2008 in Washington DC. This is going to be a very well attended and successful meeting where early registration is the key to avoid disappointment for reservations and help us plan for a well organized RMCAANA dinner. Registration before end of March will also provide you with the opportunity to cast vote in upcoming APPNA elections. To download the meeting and hotel registration forms visit our web site www.rmcdocs.com .We encourage your participation for strengthening our community. Thank you for your time.

Raheela Pirzada, MD
President RMCAANA

RMCAANA September 2007 Newsletter

Dear Rawalians,  
Assalam-o-Alamkum and Ramadan Mubarak.  

Thank you for your time in reading this update on the RMCAANA progress.   We had a very successful APPNA alumni dinner in Orlando, FL with record attendance. The Orlando Rawalians have started new traditions of inviting Rawalian families to a brunch, morning after the alumni dinner. We will continue this tradition in the next APPNA summer meeting in Washington, DC. Other than a very warm social event the Alumni dinner raised about 30, 000 dollars for the Rawalian Burn Center. A very well made DVD on Burn center was shown in this dinner. Dr. Nadeem Afraz the key note speaker from Pakistan shed light on the efforts on the revival of, “the Rawalian” in Pakistan. This necessary link will expedite our efforts to do more for our Alma Mater. The RMCAANA also donated 2,000 dollars to the Medicos Aid Society in RMC this year.   Our effort to involve more and more Rawalians in RMCAANA is paying off. A lot of new Rawalians have contacted me while many of old Rawalians has shown a renewed interest to get involved.

Recently RMCOF had a fundraiser for Rawalian Burn Center at Holy Family Hospital Rawalpindi. This was made possible by the exemplary hard work of Sohail Ikram, the past president of RMCAANA and the current president of APPKI. His wife Farah, a Rawalian of 1990 was also at the forefront of this project. This fundraiser at Louisville, KY, attracted many past and present leaders of APPNA and raised about 90,000 dollars.  

Last but not the least; I am pleased to inform you that I have initiated the efforts to establish a permanent link with RMC for continuing medical education. The RMCAANA is spearheading the APPNA MERIT project under which physicians from North America will spend at least two weeks in RMC imparting their knowledge/ expertise. This visit will be sponsored by the funding provided by Higher Education Commission of Pakistan. The Rawalians in Pakistan has established a committee of the Rawalian professors in RMC under the Principal to coordinate this effort. This committee will work closely with the RMCAANA CME committee. We will also welcome and coordinate with the Rawalians who are not able to spend two weeks in RMC but are eager to spend a day or two at RMC sharing their skills/ knowledge with final year students and house staffs. In addition we are working to bring top final year students for undergraduate rotations in different academic centers of North America. All these efforts will be done under the new project “RMCME”. Please visit RMCAANA website www.rmcdocs.com  and click the link RMCME. You are also requested to participate/ contribute to the discussion forum of RMCME.  

“The Rawalian” in Pakistan is holding a Rawalian Research conference on December 14-16, 2007. If you have a paper to present or know somebody who is interested in doing so please contact me. I personally invite all Rawalians in North America to attend this conference. This conference will also provide an opportunity for us to practically see the ground realities in RMC. It will streamline and jumpstart the efforts of CME in RMC (RMCME) in the coming years.   Please do not hesitate to contact me at any time with your questions/ comments/ suggestions to improve RMCME and RMCAANA.    

Shahid Rafiq  
President RMCAANA
Email: tabassem@yahoo.com

Fundraising for Burn Center at Louisville, KY on August 17, 2007Fundraiser for RMCOF Burn Center in Holy Family Hospital Rawalpindi was held on August 17th,2007 at Louisville, KY, featuring pop singer FAAKHIR. This function was attended by a large number of people including past and aspiring leadership of APPNA. We were able to raise more than $90,000 for the Burn Center in Rawalpindi. Thank you for your generosity.

APPNA 30th summer meeting Orlando, FL 2007

RMCAANA Alumni dinner 07, was attended by a record number of Rawalians and their families. The number of participants in earlier RMCAANA annual dinners, has always been around 20- 40. Chicago 06 meeting was the one where about 55 came. This year about 80 attended the meeting. The better halves of each Rawalians were welcome by a rose. The program was printed on a special paper and was followed closely. The speeches were short and effective. The first half of the meeting was conducted by the president elect, Raheela Peerzada. The President of RMCAANA presented the annual report and the vision and program for the rest of the year. The highlight of his tenure so far was the reach out program to all Rawalians which resulted in this big turn out. The vision for the remaining year is the CME program at RMC. Dr. Nadeem Afraz was the key note speaker. He updated about the Burn center and revival of the Rawalians in Pakistan. The highlight of the evening was the documentary the he brought about Rawalian Burn Center. This professionally made DVD moved every one present and about $32 thousand pledges were made. The Ambassador of Pakistan in USA, Mr. Durrani also visited and gave a speech. He thanked all Rawalians for the Burn Center at Holy Family Hospital Rawalpindi. He promised his efforts to bring the president Pervaiz Musharaf for the inauguration of Rawalian Burn Center in December.The second half of the program after the dinner was conducted by Amer Akmal. This informal introduction and fun part was enjoyed by every one present. It had to be curtailed due to constraints of time. However it continued the next day when a new RMCAANA tradition started. Jameel Ahmed Khan had invited all Rawalians in his home for a brunch. After an extensive and tasty meal every body filled in the big family room and enjoyed the songs by Ahsan Kamal, Rao Baber and Mr. Mirza. This particular gathering brought back the old memories of the RMC student days. Please visit the photo gallery for the pictures from this event.

APPNA's 28th annual summer meeting held in Houston TX in 2005 The participants were Avais Masud(85) and his wife Tania(90), Nasir Gondal(85), Kamran Sherwani(87), Raheela Peerzada and husband Nadeem, Raza Bokhari and his wife, Naila and husband, Talat and husband(83) Rifat and husband(82) Tanveer from Illinois(82), The # of attendees outnumbered the seating capacity of the alumni dinner hall so extra chairs had to be arranged. Raza Bokhari, current president made the opening remarks and told about the achievements of the RMCAANA during the past one year including fund raising for the MAS and RMC graduate with recently diagnosed tumor of tongue. He outlined the vision for the future to include more Rawalian in APPNA and doing some thing concrete for our Alma Mata. One major goal for RMCAANA is to hold APPNA winter meeting for 2006 in RMC. Shahid Rafiq told about his visit to Pakistan recently in which he met with RMC principal. Dr. Mussadaq is enthusiastic about a burn center at Holy Family hospital and requests the help of RMCAANA in this regard. It was decided that more information and detailed nature of help will be sought before asking RMCAANA members for monetary help. The new Executive body for the year for 2006: President; Farhat Abbass, President Elect; Shahid Rafiq, General Secretary; Raheela Peerzada, Treasurer; Tnveer Ahmed.The process of election for the year 2007 and years after that will be started from the month of April and nominations will be collected till June 1. The final election/announcement will be at APPNA summer conference in July. This year Election commissioner is Amir Akmal. The RMCAANA web site and residency forum were also appreciated in the meeting.

APPNA's 27th Annual Summer, Washington DC 2004 APPNA's 27th Annual Summer meeting was held at Marriott Wardman Park Washington, DC from June 9 to 13, 2004. Principal RMC, Professor Mussadiq and his wife attended the alumni dinner on friday. Other RMCAANA members present on the occason were Rabia Bajwa Chaudhry (94), Saroosh Saleemi (86), Noreen Qaiser (86), Naz Kamal (87), Zebba kamal(88) Ehasan Hadi (96), Asad Sarwar (96), Omar Farooq (84) & Sabahat Farooq(87), Amin Kamal (87), Asma Tahir (88), , Samee Saqib (92), Mubaashir Mahmood (90), Nadeem Islam(90) and Raheela Pirzada (91), Rifat Zaidi (84) & Mrs., Nadeem Manzoor Ahmed (86) & Mrs. Neeraj Mahboob (90) & Mrs. Aamir Shezad Sherwani (85), Rizwan Khan (93), Hameed Ajmal (90), Shahid Rafiq (84), Nasir Gondal (85), Shahid Randhawa (85), Sohail Aman (84) and Sameera Aman (87). Past presidents present were Babar Rao(83), Shail Ikram (84), Avais Masud (85) and Tania Masood (87) and Aamer Nawaz (86). Current Executive Council was represented by Farhat Abbass Khan (88) & Mrs., Raza Bokhari (90) & Mrs. and Dr & Mrs Amer Akmal. Visit the RMCAANA Forum and read postings by Amer Akmal for details. Click here to see some pictures from this occasion.

Prof. Mussadiq's letter to Dr. M. Aamer Nawaz, Past President

Dear Aamer, It was really good to hear from you. I am glad you are doing so well and also that you have become the president of RMC alumni. There is a lot you and all the graduates in USA can do for your college. It was unfortunate that things could not materialize on the CT scan. But I assure you from now on we will cut through the bureaucracy red tape and do what ever is good for the institution and people. Unfortunately it would be difficult for me to attend the meeting this year, but I will make it a point to stay in touch with you. Please extend an invitation to all the graduates on my behalf to come and visit the college. Rather if you people are coming in December it will be very good to arrange some activities in the college. You talk to the RMC doctors and tell me about the program, so that we can start working on it. Say Hello to all the participants from me. Stay in touch. Thanks for the wishes, and please pray that I come up to what is required of me and may Allah help me and guide me.

Thanks Mussadiq