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Welcome to the web site of Rawalpindi Medical College Alumni Association of North America(RMCAANA).This is a web site for the Rawalpindi Medical College graduates who are in practice or training in the USA or Canada. RMCAANA Executive Council invites all RMC graduates in North America to join Rawalpindi Medical College Alumni with a renewed spirit to do more for our alma mater.

NewElections for RMCAANA Executive Council 2019 were held recently. Following members were elected to RMCAANA 2019 Executive council unopposed.

President Elect: Dr. Samina Qureshi
General Secretary : Dr. Sohail Aman
Treasurer : Dr. Sarah Makhdoom
Councilor - East : Dr. Kashif Aslam
Councilor -Central : Dr. Ahmed Jamal
Councilor -Mountains : Dr. Fawad Chaudhry
Councilor -Pacific: Dr. Naveed Butt
Councilor -Canada :
Councilor at Large: Dr. Tehseen Naqvi
Councilor at Large: Dr. Shahab Malik
Councilor at Large: Dr. Vaqar Ali

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Pakistan USA FlagRMCAANA Mission Statement

RMCAANA was formally established and inducted as an Alumni Association of APPNA on 9th July 1998 at the 20th Annual summer meeting of APPNA at Los Angeles, California. It is heartening to know that there are more than 500 Rawalpindi Medical College (RMC) graduates residing in USA & Canada.  It is only in the last two decades that RMC graduates have started to come to the USA. Many of us felt the need to form an organization that will not only represent as a prominent group of Pakistani Physicians in North America but also provide a social link between our colleagues and their families. RMCAANA was thus formed. It is a totally non political, autonomous and non profit organization. The prime goal of this association is the welfare of Rawalpindi Medical College graduates in North America. We will also make all efforts to work with other similar organizations of Rawalpindi Medical College graduates in Pakistan & other countries. We have however our own constitution and will be bound only by The bylaws of this constitution. We aim to be a growing organization whose members are engaged in programs that foster internal bonds to create stronger alumni synergy and make meaningful contributions towards health & education in Pakistan.

In addition, we want to help in the uplift of medical education in Pakistan in general & Rawalpindi Medical College in particular. We hope to establish a channel through which we can donate books, audio visual aids, computers, diagnostic and therapeutic equipment to RMC. We also hope to sponsor top Rawalpindi Medical College graduates for residency training in USA. We will publish a newsletter at regular intervals to keep in touch with each other, arrange meetings of association at vacation and resort areas so that our families could also interact with each other. We will also establish a network of J-I visa waiver & practice opportunities for our graduates in North America.


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